Its Time to Stop Spousal Abuse Now

Every year hundreds of women get abused by their spouse, and unfortunately many women are actually killed by theveryperson that promised to love them and Cherish them for the rest of their life. Many people do not realize the danger of spousal abuse. In many countries spousal abuse is not only something that is tolerated, but it is something that is totally acceptable. The good thing is that in the majority of the western world, it is well recognized that spousal abuse is a serious problem.

Abuse of a spouse is generally only about control. One of the partners is very insecure and because of that they choose to take it out on their significant other. Not only is spousal abuse something that is completely and totally cruel, but it is also something that can really have an effect on a woman psyche.Sincetheabuser makes the woman feel like she deserves to be mistreated, quite often the woman will stay in a situation where she is being abused. Continue reading Its Time to Stop Spousal Abuse Now

There is Abuse Help Available

When a lot of people hear the words spousal abuse, they often think of a man who is physically violent against his wife. While this is an accurate depiction of some spousal abuse cases, it still remains just one aspect of this horrific issue. Abuse can be in many forms, including physical, mental, emotional, sexual and economical abuse. Also, while the majority of abusers are male, there are marriages where the abuser is actually the wife.

There are everlasting effects when abuse is present in a relationship. Regardless of what type of abuse is happening, they are all dangerous and can affect more than just the abuser and the abused person. One of the main effects is when children are involved. Abusers either do not care what their children see, or they believe they are not even aware of the abuse. Continue reading There is Abuse Help Available